What time will our session be?

A. My session times depend on the weather. If it’s sunny, my sessions start 1.5hrs before sunset (golden hour). Please keep this in mind when choosing to book with me. I create my best work in the golden hour, but I understand that can sometimes it can be late for little ones. As a parent, I can understand not wanting to keep kiddos up past bedtime, but I can assure you, I’m a pro at dealing with tired kids! So I would ask that you consider making an exception on this day so that I can create beautiful images for your family. However, on an overcast day, shooting times aren’t strict. So if you want more freedom in time, I’d suggest scheduling for fall or winter.

What if it's raining?

A. I watch the weather very closely the week of a shoot. I generally will stick to a shoot if it 40% chance or less on shooting day. If it’s above 40%, I will always recommend we reschedule. I have found that rainy session don’t generally produce the images people fall in love with. Rain means wet, cold kids, rushed sessions, grumpy parents, frizzy, hair, etc. I understand that some clients would rather stick it out, which is totally up to them. I will not, however, offer a re-shoot if your final images are affected by elements. So please make sure you consider this before making your final decision.

When will we get our photos?

A. I have a two-week turn around time. When your photos are you ready, you'll receive a private email with a link to your gallery.

How long will my gallery be available?

A. Your gallery will be available for download for 60 days. You will receive an email notification one week before your gallery becomes unavailable. After 60 days, if you failed to download your gallery, there will be a retrieval fee.

Can I have images you didn't include in gallery or raw files?

A. Picture taking is fun, but the real work starts at my computer. I work very hard at making sure I handpick the very best photos from your session. I include all and every picture that represents my work best. I never leave out photos, so the answer is no. I can not and will not include raw files or ‘other’ photos. But I promise you that what I send you is the best of the best!

Can I alter my photos?

A. If there is something you don’t love about the way your final photos look, please tell me! I would much rather work with you on it than for you to throw a filter over my photo. I spend hours hand editing your pictures, so when you throw a filter over it, it truly takes away from all my hard work. I’m providing a service, so like anyone other services, if you aren’t happy, please allow me the ability to resolve your concern, within reason. Before you book, please check out my latest work. That is the best way to get a feel for my final products.

What should my family wear for photos?

A. Great question, an essential one. Styling can make or break a session. I don’t think people understand this part enough, and this is why I work very hard with clients to make sure their outfits are going to photograph well. I will ask a lot of questions about what colors and styles you have in mind. I will ask for pictures of all the clothes on the bed, lying next to each other. All these steps help make sure that you guys look your best on the shooting day. I make myself entirely available for styling because I know, in the end, my best work is created when outfits are on point. The main idea is finding a color palette and making sure everyone compliments one another. The keyword is compliment.

How do I pay?

A. Before your session, I will send you an email with an invoice and a contract. I require full payment by the day of the session. You’re welcome to pay before, too, but the day of at the very latest. I accept cash, check, or PayPal (there is a transaction fee when using PayPal). This ensures a smooth workflow and no delays in receiving your photos.

Do you offer discounts?

A. Because my work is all about storytelling, I am no longer offering mini sessions. If you’re hiring me, you’re hiring me to tell your family’s story, and that takes time. I do, however, offer a $50 referral credit. For current pricing, please send an inquiry.

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